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Overview of PHP

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Overview of PHP

Introduction to PHP

php The word php stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and its literal translation is a programming language that gives you the freedom to add some advanced features to your site.PHP first appeared on June 8, 1995, and was initially developed by the Danish developer Rasmus Lerdorf.

It is a scripting language primarily designed to be used for developing and programming web applications.It can also be used to produce stand-alone programs that have nothing to do with the web only.As we all know that php is the language of dealing with the provider or server, but before you start using php. In websites you must be well versed in html.

The provider must first read the php file carefully in order to see if there is any task that he has to perform only when the provider has finished what he has to do and sends the result to the client.It is necessary to understand that the client sees only the result of the server's work and not the commands in the php.

I mean, if you click on view source or view source on the php page, you will not see php commands, but only html tags.You can't see how the php page was written when you try to view its source.This has gone through three stages during its development, the number of sites used by more than nine million sites in 2002.

It is not possible to talk about the field of building applications and websites without mentioning the distinctive programming language PHP.Which strongly contributed to the development and expansion of web pages to include the entire world, and the way to use them is very easy.Where the server of the virtual web works by studying the various codes related to this language.

The results are then sent instantly via the user's browser.For this reason, it has become one of the active languages ​​in Server-Side Scripting.Which indicates the use of php by the server side of the web server and not by the client side Scripting.


Uses of PHP

It can be used in many cases such as creating forums, SMS gateways, mailing lists, and much more...etc.It is not difficult but more advanced than html so you have to be patient when learning it.Suppose you have a text editor and you know how to work with it and then you need to get a provider that you can run php on with html, css languages.

As we talked about above, it is the language of dealing with the provider and this means that it is not affected by any browser used by your visitors because php is a technology from the provider side.

Properties php language

  1. It can be used in many cases, such as creating forums.
  2. It can be used in SMS gateways and mailing lists.
  3. It is not difficult, but it is more developed than HTML, so some find it somewhat complicated.
  4. High performance, it is an efficient and distinctive language that is supported by ZEND technology.
  5. It can download millions of orders per day.
  6. It supports a huge number of databases including MySQL, mSQL, Oracle and DBM.
  7. php is a free language that is available to everyone without any fees.

What do I learn before I start learning php?

It can contain php code, HTML code, CSS code, as well as Javascript code.The codes are processed and their commands executed on the server, and the result is sent to the browser in the form of an HTML code. The php files end with the extension (.php).


php language capabilities

  1. Possibility to generate interactive pages.
  2. The ability to write, read and open files on the server.
  3. The ability to collect and process form data.
  4. The ability to send and receive cookies.
  5. The ability to add, modify and delete data from the database.
  6. Data encryption.
  7. The ability to specify the permissions of users to access your pages.


Tips to learn php faster

  • The app is always the best way to learn.
  • Practice and keep track of the new language.
  • Visit the language site and read the documents to increase your depth of the language.
  • Start small and learn to master, don't get attached to big ideas and you will never learn.


One of the reasons that made PHP effective and brilliant in the world of multi-use programming, we find that it is subject to many updates, important developments and developments continuously by a large group of experts and professionals in the field of programming of all kinds.

Muhammad Alush

Muhammad Alush

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