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Download and install WAMP local server on Windows

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Download and install WAMP local server on Windows

What is the Wampserver?

Wamp server, is a program that turns the computer into a server and can control the display of PHP codes, and the meaning of the term WAMP is an acronym (Windows Apache MySQL PHP). There is also another term called "LAMP" and the only difference between the two terms is the operating system, as this term uses the "Linux" operating system.

The letter "W" represents the operating system "Windows" while the term "LAMP" the operating system "Linux" and the term "MAMP" the operating system for Mac computers. The letter "А" stands for (Apache) is a server program responsible for web pages that enables you to view web pages as you see them now. While the letter "M" stands for a database management system where all necessary information is stored, such as site contents, user profiles, passwords, and many other things. And the letter "P" stands for (PHP) - a programming language that acts as a link between the server "Apache" and interacts with "MySQL".

This allows the user to install demo sites and install what he wants from the experimental scripts in order to check them and fix their defects, before uploading them to the Internet, and also help in designing and programming different sites. This term is used only for the package that was in Windows because the first letter always refers to this package. The WAMP server acts as a virtual server on your computer, allowing you to test all WordPress functions without any consequences, because the server is not connected to the Internet.


wamp server features

  1. Allow offline transmission.
  2. Dealing with multiple versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL.
  3. Manage network settings.


Install Wamp Server on Windows

To download the "localhost" server, you must first go to the official website of "WAMP" and download the latest version of it, where you can note several options, including for Windows that support 64 and 32, choose what suits you.



After downloading the server file from its official website, we will go to the downloads folder or to the path where you saved the copy. We double-click on its icon to start the installation process, a window will pop up asking us to choose the appropriate language for us to be the language of the server. We choose the language and press OK.

choose language install wamp


We then accept the program policies by selecting I accept the agreement and then selecting Next.

Install wampserver 1


We do this step by choosing the location to save it, we will leave it by default in disk C and click Next.

Install wampserver 2


Then we choose that we want to create a shortcut of the program on the desktop.

Install wampserver 3


After we have finished setting the beginnings of the installation, we will click on the install button to start the installation process.

Install wampserver 4


We are waiting for it to complete the installation process.

Install wampserver 5


Here we have successfully installed the server on our computer, we click on Finish.

Install wampserver 6


Then we go to the program icon and press Run, you should see the WampServer icon appear in the taskbar.

  • If the icon is green, everything is working properly.
  • If the icon is orange, there are problems with one of the services.
  • If the icon is red then Apache and MySQL are not running.

Muhammad Alush

Muhammad Alush

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