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Pentest Overview

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Pentest Overview

information security

Information security is one of today's most popular areas and because of the spread of information on the Internet. This information must be protected from theft, unauthorized entry and damage. For this reason, a sector of information security has been allocated for this purpose called Penetration Test.


They are people with the same skills as people who do this bad work and have the ability to carry out these attacks for the purpose of finding and solving them before anyone else can find them at the level of different operating systems,web applications,networks and a range of things that deal at the level of technology.

Technological skills required to study (Pentest)

In fact, there are many skills you should know before you enter this field. This is to enhance your infrastructure during your educational journey. There are technology-grade skills. There are skills that classify infrastructure as an emerging student at the general level of information security called "None Technology Skills".

Non-Technological Skills

The term refers to the basic skills a student must possess before entering any field within information security and not only at the level of the ethical penetration test. If it is an area within information security, you should know these skills well because they are ongoing, because these skills will be with you in the long term. Whatever your experience in this field, you should have those skills .


English = > English is one of the skills you should have before entering the field in general. This is because of a society built on a technological level in short, because in this world you must have at least 60% of English available to mitigate you during your educational journey.


Research = > Among the strong skills you should have This is because of how much information you should be looking for or also errors, So you have to have a search skill so you can get what you want from mistakes and also the information you want to know whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field you have to have that skill well and depend on more than one resource for you.


Read Articles = > This skill comes right after research skills and aims to read articles is to rely more on readers and not just watch videos and this skill is very important and develops your infrastructure as a student.


Do What You Read = > This term aims to implement everything you read and this for the infrastructure you rely heavily on is one of the most important reasons for a successful student and not just to read theoretically.

These are the non-technological skills you have to have, what about technological skills.

Technology Skills

Networking = > Skill networks that a student should have before entering Pentest and here I talk about CCNA or Network Plus. This is to alleviate your problems during study. The student should know the networks before entering the Pentest field and classify that important stage.
Security Plus = > This witness is one of the most important certificates to study before entering any area of information security in general. Certainly, any specialization in this field has studied this certificate which contains very rich information. Of course, the background is confirmed at the level of different operating systems such as Linux and Windows.

Contents of the course (PenTest)

There are 4 key parts you go through (Pentest) to detect weaknesses.

1- Information gathering and enum
2- Vulnerabilities scan
3- Exploit
4- Report