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Overview of JavaScript

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Overview of JavaScript

Overview of JavaScript

The JavaScript language is one of the most important programming languages ​​that you must learn javascript and it is a high-level language and this language is used in web browsers to create more interactive pages.

Netscape developed it as a way to add dynamic and interactive elements to websites. The JavaScript language appeared for amateur programmers and was noticed by all professional programmers, and it was developed by the javascript programming language. And later release higher-powered versions to become the most interesting language from 2015 so far.

JavaScript is based on ECMAScript. It is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Over time, javascript developer has supplanted a variety of other programming languages ​​to become the standard for browser programming.

In 1995, this language was invented by Brendan Aish under the name Mocha while working at Netscape, drawing inspiration from Java, Scheme and Self. This language did not receive attention at the beginning of its emergence, but with the passage of time it became a source of interest for many. From javascript programmers for beginners after adding new technologies and support for the java language and called it javascript.


JavaScript language features

  1. It is considered an easy language to learn and is closer to English than the Java language.
  2. It is an independent programming language and is not, as some think, related to the Java language.
  3. It is an interactive language, easy to use and fast.
  4. JavaScript is used in programming by the client or the so-called client side, but it has many technologies and features.
  5. Provides more control services in browsers.
  6. It has rich interfaces and you can drag and drop components to enrich your interface with the required elements.
  7. It is considered a functional programming language.


disadvantages of javascript language

  • It has several javascript certification security issues.
  • It does not allow files to be read or written from the client side.
  • It cannot be used in network applications if appropriate support is not available.
  • It does not support multithreading, which is a technique in which execution is carried out in several threads at the same time on the same processor.
  • JavaScript rendering varies between different browsers and search engines, which causes the interface and javascript async function to be inconsistent at times.


The difference between javascript and java

Many of us mistake that javascript find is related to the Java language, although both are based on the C language and here are some differences between them: We cannot deny the fact that both Java and JavaScript are a programming language used to develop applications. Or the different features of Internet pages, but the code for each is different from the other.

The biggest difference is in the type of applications used, so Java applications are run either from the desktop or through the web page. They are independent programs and usually open a separate program window, and if you do not install Java, you will not be able to run their applications on your device. Whereas, JavaScript is usually included in all modern browsers so you will be able to use it easily when loading the web page.

Through JavaScript, different applications can be created on the same web page. You can also develop video games and work on them in the browser window.

Java programs are usually based on arithmetic and logical reasoning and run on server-side programming. Significantly, JavaScript is focused on the client side, which makes JavaScript faster. While Java can be used to develop large programs, it requires a lot of memory, which is often possible. It can cause the computer to work slowly or slow down the operation of another program.

On the other hand, JavaScript works with a small memory space, so it is widely used in many applications. Web pages due to low memory requirements and the ability to provide many unique advantages. We will learn the newer versions ES6 ES7 ES8 ES9 within this course because they are more secure than the old versions like ES5 and before.


Extras to be provided in Visual Studio

In learning and using the Visual Studio program, we need some add-ons that help us in the javascript code. We must download it from the add-ons store inside Visual Studio, namely:

  1. JavaScript (ES6) code snippets
  2. Babel JavaScript.
  3. JavaScript Booster.
  4. HTML Snippets.

the addition vscode for javascript


Create a new JavaScript project in Visual Studio

In order to create a new JavaScript project to start writing code through the Visual Studio editor, we follow the following steps in order:

  1. Create a "folder" on the desktop.
  2. We create an empty "file" inside the folder. Type the name, for example, script.js, with the extension js.
  3. Create another html file and put it in the folder and name it index.html.


Html file binding in JavaScript

Both the HTML and JavaScript files are linked by going to the body section at the end of the codes before the closing html tag and we write the following linking code:

<script src="script.js"></script>

Between the quotes we put the name of the javascript file that we created, we open the javascript file in Visual Studio and write our first code as follows

alert ("we learn javascript");

We save the file and then open the html file with the browser to show the result as follows

javascript example

There is another linking method, we put the javascript codes within the html file, as in the following code

alert ("we learn javascript");

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