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Html meta tag optimization for website search engines

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Html meta tag optimization for website search engines

Meta tags in HTML

Meta tags are one of the most important things for search engines, as they make it easier for search engines on the visitor.

Imagine with me that you are now the visitor to the site and not the programmer. The first thing you will do is enter any search engine and search for the topic you want, for example, Programmer Tech.

Have you ever asked yourself why the search engine fetches all the sites related to your search only? And why didn't he come up with all the sites in the virtual world?

Meta tags tell search engines that your site is publishing something as you requested from that engine.

For example, your site talking about programming should be in the meta-tags in the same style as the site.

It is useless for my site to talk about programming and I am writing inside meta tags. Information security is not acceptable.

The search engines know that you are talking about programming and this is what was written in the meta tags.

It issues search results, how a website is configured for recognition in search engines. "Improve your website's visibility in search engines" and complete Search Engine Optimization.

To get the best results and to publish search results, all this is done through the values ​​of the meta tag located at the head of the web pages.

Within the head tag that is used to define page properties such as specifying markup to identify browsers to the site's language.

And it appears well, the author's name, keywords, description, etc., we will talk about the values ​​​​that this tag takes.

Meta tags tell search engines that your site is publishing a specific thing as you requested from this engine.

For example, your site talking about programming should be in the meta tags in the same style as the site.

It is useless for my site to talk about programming, as I write inside meta-codes for medicine and poultry. This is not acceptable in the top search results.

Search engines know that you are talking about programming and this is what was written in the meta tags.

How will you write an article about programming and appear in search engines?

The answer is here, in web programming or building websites, meta-tags are present, and their location is within the <head> tag. Here, meta-tags are written.

Sometimes we want to write a site in Arabic, in the previous lesson we talked about tagging the title and we all know its place and it also helps search engines through this title.

It is useless for the site to talk about programming while we write in the site address a policy, poultry, fuel, etc. This is stupid. The site talks about programming, how do I put a policy in the title or something else, and it does not talk about politics, and the opposite is also true.

		<title>Programmer Tech</title>

In the previous example, the page title was set for Programmer Tech, so the search engine will know that this site is for programming.

As we mentioned earlier, we want to write a site in Arabic, and you will sometimes have problems writing Arabic.

There are browsers that do not know the Arabic language, such as firefox and others, and you as a web programmer, your site will appear in all search engines and your site should not appear in some browsers only.

Because you never know where a visitor will be looking on your site.

Imagine if a search on a search engine does not accept the Arabic language, how would the error be?



Note that the word Ahmed Qaiser does not appear in Arabic on Internet Explorer, but it will appear correctly on google chrom.



The same code did not differ, but the Internet Explorer browser does not accept the Arabic language, unlike google chrom, which accepts the Arabic language.

And you, as a programmer, do not know from which search engine the visitor will enter your site, and to avoid this problem, the solution is through meta tags, as in the following example:

<meta charset="utf-8">

After defining the browser, we want to write the Arabic language in the source code through the meta charset tag.

The task of the meta charset is to tell the browser to use the Arabic language through the utf-8 feature, and the Arabic language is recognized in all browsers.



value description

The description value is used in the description of the site and this also helps search engines to identify the content of your site through the site description.

Let's get to know the site description and these codes do not appear in the page source.

I will bring you a picture of a site description for example I search on google for a hospital, the search will come up. I have a group of hospitals, all of which have a description or an introduction to what the site offers.



Always describe each page of your site through the description feature. The description that you put is related to the name of your site or in a title tag written in the form

<meta neme="description" content="هنا نكتب وصف موقعنا">

We write the description between the two commas after content so that the engines on the site are defined and what they care about.



As we have noted, we have written a comprehensive description of the interests of our site, so that search engines will know what we offer and what lessons we publish on the site.


value author

With the value author you can tell the search engine the author of the page it visits.

The author's name must be passed as a value, and sometimes the author is placed next to the title as follows.



We also note that the word technology programmer is considered the author and we put it here next to the title and of course. The owner of the site is free whether he wants to introduce himself or not, and this is as follows:

<meta neme="author" content="Muhammad Turkey Alush">

We also noticed that after content I identify myself as the author of this page that the visitor visits to the site.

This means that the person who authored this page is Muhammad Turkey Alush.

You don't have to put this element but to get good results don't ignore any thing about your site SEO.


value viewport

The viewport value must be set, which is important for each page of your site, and it is very important and helps. The site should appear well on all devices and specify the measurements and be written in the form

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

And without this element the site will not work with all devices correctly, its function if you program. Responsive website with all screen sizes.

If you do not add this element, the mobile browser will not be able to measure its screen size.

Thus, without this element, the browser will not be able to know the screen size, even though you have created a responsive website for all devices.

It will not be displayed as responsive and will only appear correctly on computers.

And width=device-width means to set the width of the page to continue opening depending on the device, and initial-scale=1.0 for this part. Sets the zoom level when the page is first loaded by the browser.


value generator

The generator is used to put the name of the tool that was used to create the page to lead the search results, and the name of the tool that was used is passed as a value, and this is done in the form

<meta name="generator" content="Saja Page Generator 2.3">

The meaning of Saja Page Generator 2.3 is the name of the tool that was used on the page.


value keywords

Keywords are used to put keywords for the site, so that anyone searches for these words. On the Internet, he will find his request with a link to the site or the topic that talks about the site, and write it in the form

<meta neme="keywords" content="Here we write our keywords">

We wrote the meta tag then the name and we used the value keywords then we wrote the keywords for the site.

In the event that you do not know what are the most popular words for your site, you can use rapidtags, and after entering the site we will find it as.



After the site opens, you write what the goal of your site is.

For example here I wrote Learn. Programming from scratch and then we press the search button or Enter to give us the words in the form.



We click on COPY at the bottom to copy all the words, just paste them in their place in the site source.

Do not put keywords outside the framework and name of your site in order not to get ignored by the search engines.

Muhammad Alush

Muhammad Alush

إسمي محمد تركي العلوش من سورية من ريف حلب الشرقي 1994, محب للتقنية و التعلم الذاتي, و جميع خبراتي تعلمتها ذاتياً, و اللغات البرمجية التي أتقنها هي html, css, javascript, php, c, python بالإضافة إلى حبي الكبير لمجال الشبكات.