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Best text editors for web programming and coding 2022

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Best text editors for web programming and coding 2022

Text editors for coding

Editor is a text editor designed specifically for editing the source code of a computer program by a programmer.

This Editor may be a standalone application on a computer or be integrated into an integrated development environment (IDE).

Since computers began to appear on the scene in the seventies of the last century, programming has become an important work, even if this work was difficult and limited at that time.

With the passage of time, the importance of programming and the programming languages ​​available to it have grown.

The field of writing code has become available to many aspiring programmers.

And one of the most important tools created in order to help programmers are text editors, which are of great importance to any programmer.

Any program that supports Insert Texts can be a text editor usable by programmers.

In other words, a simple program such as Notepad that comes with the systems can be used for this purpose.

The default editors that we usually find ready-made on the computer are not the best editors that can be used to write code. Because it does not help in writing the code and does not show beautiful colors as in the rest of the editors dedicated to this matter.


Features of script editors

  1. The lines are numbered so that it is easy to find specific pieces of code or tell another programmer where the problem is to find them easily.
  2. It is distinguished by the colors that distinguish between subordinates, commands, and the rest of the content, such as comments and others.
  3. The best feature of the editors is the auto-completion of commands, which saves a lot of time while typing and helps reduce errors.

Steps to create an HTML file with VSCode

  1. In the beginning, we create a folder on the desktop and give it any name we want in order to put any design you create inside this folder.
  2. We right-click on the folder and then choose Open with Code to open the folder inside VSCode.
  3. We close the welcome page that appears to us by clicking on the X button placed by the program.
  4. We click on create file, then name it, for example, prt.html.
  5. After finishing writing the file name, we click on Enter to be created and open within the program.


Hermash website text editor

The Hermush Online Web Editor is a free editor that allows you to design web pages with ease.

When writing any code in the Hermash web editor, you can click on the play button so that it displays the result easily on the screen.


Features of the Hermesh Web Editor

  • It works online from the browser from the phone and computer.
  • The ability to test the code directly inside the site.
  • It does not need to download and install.
  • Switch between night mode and normal mode.
  • The possibility of downloading the code in html format after writing and testing it within the site.
  • Button to change the display portrait and landscape.

Muhammad Alush

Muhammad Alush

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