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Cplus plus Language Overview

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Cplus plus Language Overview

Cplus plus Overview

C++ is said to be the mother of languages ​​because it is a strong and ancient language from a very long time ago, and whoever learns this language and masters it well can go to any language and will not face difficulties and it works on all systems and on all weak and powerful computers and even On some programs in the mobile ... etc.

C++ is considered one of the old programming languages ​​that for the present time is still one of the languages ​​of preference at a great level. C++ is a language of great importance due to its many uses, as it is one of the most important programming languages ​​in demand in the labor market. That is why we decided today to start a course in the important language C Plus Plus in the field of programming.

C++ is the dominant language in desktop applications, along with the languages ​​available from Microsoft. C++ is characterized as a high-level language and is widely used to develop operating systems, and learning it will help you understand the principles and work of programs in a better and more in-depth and will help you understand how memory is managed by programs.

C++ has influenced many popular programming languages ​​such as Java and PHP. The language is based on the principle of Object Oriented Programming, which makes it flexible and easy to use. This language is designed to run on all operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, etc..

It is considered one of the most powerful and famous programming languages ​​and is called the "mother of languages" because it is a powerful language and has existed for a long time. This language was originally built as a development of the C language by Bjarne Stroustrup while working at Bell Laboratories to put it in his doctoral thesis in 1979.


C++ Features

  1. Its popularity is great, and many want to learn it first, and it is taught in universities in the early stages of entering programming.
  2. It is light and does not consume system resources compared to other languages.
  3. We can convert codes from C to C++ easily.
  4. The ability to control the use of memory significantly.
  5. Lots of compilers are available for programmers on all kinds of devices.
  6. It combines the characteristics of high-level and low-level languages ​​(C++ is close to high-level C, and close to low-level assembly language.


Disadvantages of C++

  • C++ lacks the garbage collector feature to automatically filter out unnecessary data.
  • Pointers in C and C++ are a relatively difficult concept to understand, and they take up a lot of memory.
  • Misuse of pointers, such as wild pointers, can lead to system crashes.
  • C++ gives the user complete control over computer memory management by using DMA.


Code editors for writing C++ programs

There are many programs with which you can write C++ code:

  1. Notepad on PC.
  2. Notepad++.
  3. Eclipse.
  4. CodeBlocks.
  5. CLION.


C++ program layout

#include <iostream>
    int main ()
        //Program codes
        return 0;

Everything after int main and before return 0 will be the program we wrote.

Usefull of the using namespace std line This line means that you want to include things inside the std library directly in the project. If we want to remove this line, you will be forced to specify the name of the library from which you use the cout command, the cin command, and other commands.

Writing the first program in C++

#include <iostream>
    int main ()
        cout <<"Programmer Tech"<< endl;
        return 0;

The word std is a library in this language, and the word cout is the printing command in C++ and the word endl means to drop a line at the end of the program that printed the word Programmer Tech for us.


C++ Language Uses

  1. AI programming.
  2. Block chain applications programming.
  3. Programming and designing video games.
  4. Web applications development such as Google search engine Adobe, winamp.
  5. Programming operating systems, the most famous of which is Windows and Mac.
  6. They are used to create high-service software and device drivers as well as for embedded systems.
  7. It was widely used in creating popular software suites such as Microsoft office.

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