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What is a penetration test

Penetration testing is the deliberate use of technical tools to test an enterprise's safety and the strength of those tools when placed in the hands of a skilled and determined attacker. Penetration tests and legal attempts to defeat the institution's security controls and carry out unauthorized activities are permitted. People who undergo a breakthrough test are identified as real attackers …

Fonts in CSS

Choosing the right font on your site has a very big impact on how your readers experience your website. The right formatted font can create a strong identity for your brand. It is important to use a font that is easy to read. Keep in mind that font adds value to your text. It is also important to choose the correct font color and text size for the font.

Constructor Function in Java

The constructor function makes it easy for us to create objects from a specific class, and it is an important thing to think about after creating the class. It has the same name as the class but does not return a value and is executed automatically once the object is created.

Explain Threat Intelligence Sources

As a protection professional, you should continue to expand your knowledge of every strategy, technology and technology you use. (Threat Actor) as well as keeping pace with new strategies that can be used by (Threat Agent). This includes new security gaps that consistently appear daily in different technologies, as well as new malware knowledge so that you can easily enhance Security Control.

Encapsulation in Java

Encapsulation is a method that can be followed in order to hide data in the class, that is, for the purpose of hiding the properties in the class and making the rest of the existing classes able to deal with these properties only through functions that the programmer creates for the class

Backgrounds and colors in CSS

CSS allows us to add backgrounds to all HTML elements, mostly block-level elements, and backgrounds only to elements you select. All elements in HTML have a transparent background by default, so when you add a background to a body element page body This background will appear behind all elements within the web page.

Scene and VBox in JavaFX

Scene is the block or container that contains all the elements, buttons, stash, text, trowels, etc. It comes with the package meaning all the tools used to build the model and VBox is the node to which the element is added and then VBox is added to Scene.

Create a Stage model and write Text inside it in the JavaFX framework

The Stage model is considered the window in the program itself, and this window is divided into two main sections, which are the menu bar and the area in which we can add things to this window, meaning all the content that we will add in the window will be linked and placed on the Stage model.

Creating text boxes using JTextField in Java

The JTextField class is used to create a text box using the swing library, i.e. a class that we create must be given an object, text boxes are almost devoid of an interface or form in the programming world of text boxes because they are a way to show data in front of the user. When we deal with a program and see data in front of us, this data has been shown to you by a text box

Create buttons using the JButton class in Java

The JButton class enables us to create buttons in interfaces in the Java language by calling the swing library, and through the JButton class we can create an interface or add a button in the interface and the content of the button can be text, icon, text and an icon next to it

Solve problems in Oracle database management

Fixing some Types of Databases Errors that the user may encounter while starting to study databases, such as installing and uninstalling the program, connecting and forgetting the password.

An Overview of Databases and Their Types

Databases are relational stores in which data is stored in tables of any size and is secure. Oracle is considered the most powerful database in terms of protection. Simply put, the Database is a large file in which the information we want to store can be arranged in an orderly and organized manner, and this information can be retrieved and modified at any time.