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Types of Hackers You Should Be Aware Of

Types of Hackers

Hacking concept

Hacking Computers and the Internet have changed the world's work environment beyond imagination. Computers have taken over a large part of our lives.

All our data was transferred from records and ledgers to computers, although this kind of shift in work has reduced the physical burden on workers.

However, it also increased the chances of data theft of the people involved. data theft or damage to systems. They are knowledgeable people with wrong intentions known as hackers.

There are different types of hackers Let's take a look at a number of types of hackers.

White Hat Hackers

A white hat hacker is a professional hacker or ethical hacker.

It is the one that performs authorized attacks against the system and helps the customer solve their security problems.

White Hat Hacker does not do illegal activities.


Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hacker refers to a black hat hacker who is a hacker who performs an unauthorized act such as attacks on the system with the purpose of causing harm or gaining profits.

It is called another name, Cracker, and it can steal data and threaten the owner of the system in this data.


Gray Hat Hackers

A person who would violate ethical standards or principles but without the malicious intent attributed to a black hat hacker.

They represent the middle ground between white hat hackers and black hat hackers, i.e. a combination of the two types.

And when it penetrates any system, it has the intention in the future to inform the owner of the system about any vulnerabilities that exist in his system.


Blue Hat Hackers

A blue hat hacker is someone outside of computer security consulting firms, who tests for system errors before launching and looks for loopholes so it can be closed.

Blue Hat Hacker also refers to the security professional that Microsoft invited to find vulnerabilities in Windows.

The term was also associated with Microsoft's annual security conference and is the unofficial name. Which comes from the blue associated with Microsoft employee badges.

The blue hat hacker is a professional ethical hacker.


Elite Hackers

Elite hackers are hackers who discover and exploit vulnerabilities before anyone else and is the most skilled hacker. Because he is the one who discovers the loopholes or cares about them in case someone is trading them as if they were recent loopholes.


Script Kiddie Hackers

They are a group of children who have no experience, and they use a set of tools. And so that they do not know what the effect of these tools is, so I did not classify them as hackers.

Although this kid doesn't know what to do, they are a source of great havoc because he uses a bunch of tools. It is not known what type of patient.

He watches a video on a platform and does it without any experience, just copy-paste execution, can. This thing brought down an entire network without knowing what he had done.

Threat Actors

Threat actors are states, groups, or individuals with malicious intent to take advantage of vulnerabilities. or reduced awareness of cyber security or technological developments to gain unauthorized access. to information systems in order to access or otherwise influence victims' data or devices.


They are groups of cybercriminals who are united to carry out cyber attacks in support of political causes.

These hackers usually target entire industries, but sometimes they attack specific organizations that they feel do not align with their political views or practices.

Organized Crime

Cybercrime organizations are groups of hackers, programmers, and tech bandits.

They are those who pool their skills and resources to commit major cybercrimes that might not be possible otherwise.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Given the level of effort required to carry out such an attack, APTs are usually directed at high-value targets. Such as nation states and large corporations.

With the ultimate goal of stealing information over a long period of time rather than just getting sucked in and leaving quickly. As do many black hat hackers during lower-level APTs cyber attacks.

It is an attack method that should be on the radar of businesses everywhere however this does not mean that small and medium businesses can ignore this type of attack.

Ranking the effect of types of hackers on networks

  • The most dangerous of them are Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).
  • Organized Crime is less dangerous than APTs.
  • Hacktivists are less dangerous than Organized Crime.
  • Network Script Kiddies And They Are Less Dangerous Than Hacktivists.

If you enter the field of hacking, be like a white hat so that you will be appreciated and respected by everyone