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what to know before entering programming


What does the term programming language mean?

Learn programming, Language is the basis of understanding and communication and there are many types and forms of languages, if you want to communicate. With someone who does not know your language, you can communicate with them in sign language.

Or search for an interpreter and similarly when talking with a computer.

We write programs in languages other than machine language. The language of zero is 0 and one is 1, so we need a compiler to translate and convert. A programming language understandable to humans for a machine language understood by a computer.


programming languages

There are many programming languages that can be used to write programs, and these languages are:

  1. Python.
  2. Java.
  3. Kotlain.
  4. Ruby.
  5. Swift.
  6. Objective-C.
  7. C.
  8. C#.
  9. C++.
And many other languages, and each of the programming languages has features that distinguish it from others, and it evolves with time and new features are added to it to keep pace with the programmers' needs.

Which programming language do we choose?

The choice of language depends on several questions, including:
Do you want to program an application that works on smartphones, develop a website, solve math equations quickly, or analyze photos taken.
Each language is distinguished in a specific field and on this basis the programming language is chosen. Of course, there are languages that are similar in their characteristics to some uses. If you are confused about a language test, you can choose the most common language or the easiest to write to help you find resources to help you learn.

Learn about some programming languages

We will take examples of typing text in programming languages and learn about each language.
Code written in java
public static void main(String []args){
This is an example of typing text in Java. Java can be used to program Android applications, computer applications, or websites.

Code written in Objective-C
int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
This is an example of typing text in the Objective-C language that was used by apple for programming OS X and is used in programming applications on all apple devices such as the iPhone.

Code written in Swift
func main(){

This is an example of typing text in swift. Swift is the successor to Apple's Objective-C, and it has more features than Objective-C, is faster and more concise.


Code written in Python

def main():

This is an example of typing text in Python, which is used to program websites or solve math equations quickly and with high performance.

Code written in Kotlin

fun main(args: Array<String>) {

This is an example that contains kotlin text and was developed by JetBrains and uses kotlin. For programming Android applications and websites, one of its advantages is the possibility of using it with the Java language at the same time.

Have you noticed the differences in the way the different programming languages are written, the method of writing is known as Syntax. Another note is that all texts are written inside the quotation marks "Welcome", in most programming languages, the quotation marks are used to denote a text.

General concepts of programming languages

There are many types of programming languages and what we will talk about in this paragraph. Applies to most programming languages, we will talk about each of the concept of functions. And the concept of object-oriented programming (oop), in programming it is possible to write more than one command in a function and then we can call the function to run the commands inside it.

def main():
print("Programmer Tech")

This is an example of using the concept of a function in Python, and when you call the main function by typing the word main it will be printed as follows.

Programmer Tech

The first line is printed, followed by the second line.

The advantage of using functions is the ability to run more than one command at the same time. The function can also be reused in more than one location, and the functions make it easier for us to modify the program.

There are programming languages that follow the concept of object oriented programming. This concept includes models of objects, and each object has properties and actions.

For example, a human being is a being that has the following characteristics:

  1. The name.
  2. hair colour.
  3. height.
And it has verbs:
  1. laughter.
  2. thinking.
  3. Walking.

Among the advantages of object-oriented programming is the reuse of the code, ease of modification, and the addition of new features to the program.