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Introduction to Python and the Processing of the Ergonomics Lesson1

Introduction to the lesson

Python is an open source programming language, and it is considered one of the most well-known and used languages with a high security level, It is characterized by its simplicity and simplicity in writing and reading codes, it uses the OOP method which is an abbreviation of Object Oriented Programming, and it is subject to development. They are widely used in many fields, It can program small projects and even huge projects, and beginners are advised to learn them.

Prepare the ergonomics in Python 

First we go to to download it by choosing the downloads tab by clicking on the type of operating system and version number as in this picture.

We wait for the download and install it, and to start a new project in Python, we open a text document in Notepad and leave it blank and we save it blank and put the extension of the name of the document. For example, we put the name and then press the right mouse button on this folder and choose Edit with idle for slot, as pictured.

This is for Windows users, but for Linux users it is essential with the system in place. To make sure of this, we write the following command in the terminal :

sudo apt-get install python
Even Termex phone users can install it with the following commands
pkg install python
pkg install python2
pkg install python3
To open the Python editor in Linux or Termex, we just type the word python in the terminal as in the figure

This form prepared for everything in the Python and remains to write the codes and start with them, we will use the first command in it, which is the print command, as in the following form, we will type the word programmer tech.

As we have noticed, we wrote the print command and then two quotes and inside it the sentence to print and then we implemented the code by pressing Enter and printed this sentence to us in Linux and in Windows we save the file and press F5 to implement the code.

Calculations in Python 

We use the plus sign +
We use the minus sign -
We use the hitting signal *
We use to divide a signal /
We use the power "exponent" signal **
We use for the remainder, divide by%

We will use all of this with an example in one image in the same previous order.

This is for mathematical operations, and I advise you to practice them on several examples from you in order to quickly write them and execute them.

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